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  1. Assessor

    The City Assessing Department maintains detailed information of the City's real (real estate) and personal property.

  2. Building & Zoning

    The administration and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and the maintenance of the zoning map is a primary responsibility of this office.

  3. City Manager

    The city manager serves as the city's chief administrator. He supervises the implementation of policy and procedures as directed by the city council through coordination and supervision of operations in all city departments.

  4. City Services & Infrastructure

    It is our mission to, using whatever ethical means necessary, provide the citizens of Zeeland with the best possible city services and infrastructure that resources allow.

  5. Clerk

    The city clerk's department is responsible for maintaining current and accurate registration of voters; supervising and conducting all school, city, state, and national elections; issuing all licenses required by city ordinance; recording all actions, resolutions and ordinances of the city council; and to examine and verify all accounts and claims against the city.

  6. Finance & Treasury

    The Finance Department is responsible for all financial transactions, accounting and financial reporting.

  7. Howard Miller Library

    Learn about upcoming events, how to check out eBooks, the library board and more.

  8. Parks

    To inquire about reserving the Lawrence Park Bowl, Lawrence Park Pavilion, or Vande Luyster Square Gazebo, please contact the City Services and Infrastructure Department at 616-772-0870.

  9. Public Safety

    Learn about the Police, Fire and Emergency Services departments.

  10. Recycling & Waste

    Find out when waste is picked up and how to best prepare your recycling.

  11. Street Department

    This department is responsible for 10.87 miles of major streets, 19.49 miles of local streets and 24 miles of storm sewer maintenance.

  12. Utilities

    Find out who to contact to begin utility service in Zeeland.