Library Endowment

TTree of Learninghe purpose of the endowment is to enable the Howard Miller Public Library to expand services to our community through special programs for children and adults, special projects, equipment purchases, library furnishings, online products, special collections and media. The endowment is an ongoing project administered by the Holland Zeeland Area Community Foundation. Contributions may be made through the library or directly to the foundation. Those donors contributing over $1,000 are recognized annually on a plaque in the building's lobby.

If donating directly to the foundation, please indicate that the amount is for the Howard Miller Public Library fund.

For further information about endowment, please contact the Howard Miller Public Library at 616-772-0874 or the Holland Zeeland Area Foundation at 616-396-6590.

Examples of Services Endowment Helped Create:

Mobile Hotspot Collection

Kindles with preloaded titles