Fat Free Program

The City of Zeeland Wants to invite you as a Clean Water Plant customer to partner with us to keep our collection lines, lift stations and your household drains grease free. We will do our part by giving you a free and easy way to do this and you can do your part by using it. We will give each residential Clean water Plant customer a white plastic container known as the "Fat Trapper" along with 3 foil lined bags. It is simple to use with essentially no maintenance. You just pour your hot cooking grease into the foil lined bag and place the lid back on top. When the bag is full, remove the foil lined bag, fold down and seal the top, and dispose of the grease with your trash. When your bags are used up more can be obtained at the Clean Water Plant. By using the "Fat Trapper" you can help cut down on maintenance costs on your homes wastewater lines and keep your sewer bills lower by eliminating the costs to the City for maintaining grease clogged sewer mains and lift stations. "Fat Trappers" can be obtained at the Clean Water Plant Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and noon and 1 and 3 p.m.
Fat Trapper Bag
Storm Drain

Macatawa Watershed & Stormwater Projects

The City of Zeeland has become involved in the watershed and storm water projects taking place in the Lake Macatawa Watershed Area. Phosphorus has been identified as one of the pollutants causing problems in Lake Macatawa. The City of Zeeland has a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit which requires the City to monitor the storm water being discharged from the City into the surrounding streams and ditches. The Zeeland Clean Water Plant has been involved with testing the streams and ditches around and in the City of Zeeland. For more information on this area wide project go to the Macatawa Area Coordinating Councils website on watershed projects.