The Clean Water Plant Today

The Zeeland Clean Water Plant is an Activated Sludge Plant. This means micro-organisms are used to remove the waste products in the water. The plant treats an average of 2.2 million gallons a day.

The plant is staffed 365 days a year to make sure the community's wastewater is cleaned. Plant operations are carefully monitored and controlled to ensure the highest quality of water discharged from the plant. We use the latest technology in ultraviolet disinfection to ensure the public can safely use the lakes and streams the plant discharges to.


The City maintains 34 miles of sanitary sewer pipe and 6 lift stations. The City of Zeeland has separate storm water and sanitary wastewater collection systems. Because these systems are separate, the Clean Water Plant does not flood when a rain event occurs. This also means only storm water should be introduced to the Storm water collection system so we do not pollute our streams and lakes. The water treated in the Zeeland Clean Water Plant is not used for drinking. The wastewater received at the plant is treated, cleaned, disinfected and discharged to the North Branch of the Macatawa River which then flows to Lake Macatawa and on to Lake Michigan.

Plant Programs

The Clean Water Plant has an Industrial Pretreatment Program that monitors pollutants from industries. This program is used to ensure the Clean Water Plant can adequately treat the extra strength wastewater coming from industry and not have pass through of pollutants to our streams and lakes. The biosolids recovered from the treatment process are used as fertilizer on area farmland. The biosolids program is stringently monitored by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Crops grown with biosolids are used for animal foods or products that are not consumed for food.