Help! I got an error message on hoopla

Help! I got an error when I tried to borrow a book!

Sometimes you will receive an error message when you attempt to check out a book. Don't panic! Here is a list of common error messages. Some will require you to contact us or Herrick District Library. Much of the wording on this page comes from hoopla's help page.

"The collective daily borrow limit set by your library has been reached and will reset at midnight. Please browse and add titles to favorites so you can easily access them after midnight."

This is the most common error message at our library. The library has a budget for hoopla that is divided into a daily budget. This budget can be hit early in the day and an error message will pop up when you attempt to check out something.

The best way to avoid this is by using hoopla as early in the morning as possible. The budget is reached faster on days when there is no school.

"Sorry, but it appears you have a fine on your account. Please contact your local library at (616)772-0874 to get this corrected."
If your fines are higher than $10, you will not be able to use your library card. You do not actually need to call usPlease use Account Log-In and Fine Payment to pay your fine online.  

"We can't authenticate with your library server right now. You can try again later or contact your local library at (616)772-0874."
Sometimes there is an error in our system. Please call us if you get this message. We might already know about it, but will appreciate your input. 

"Yikes! Something is wrong with your library card or PIN. Please double check your info in settings and if you still have issues contact your library at (616)772-0784."
Every three years library cards "expire". This means that the library wants to verify your contact information - let's face it, the library probably wasn't on your list to update your new address! If your information has not changed, Howard Miller will let you verify your information over the phone. We might ask for your driver license number, so have it ready! If you have moved, please visit the library to update your address. Look here for what you need to bring.

"You have met your monthly lending limit of 5 titles. Please continue to browse and add to your favorites. See you next month." 

Our budget allows for our patrons to check out five titles a month. The number of checkouts resets on the first of every month. If you want more audiobooks or ebooks please check Libby!

Did you move and need to change your library on hoopla? 

In order to update your library on hoopla you will need to contact hoopla Digital via email. The email address is

Please have this information ready: 

  • Both library names
  • State of the library
  • Both library card numbers
  • PIN for library card(s)

updated 1/3/2023