Audiobooks on RBdigital

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There are a few audiobooks displayed on the home page, but if you click "View All" you will be able to sort and filter the audiobook titles. Filter is how you can search for a specific author/title or pull up a specific genre/audience range. 

Searching for an Audiobook: 

Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen or click on "Filter". You can search by title or author.

RBdigital Advanced Search Screenshot

If you choose to search by genre/audience, you can further narrow your search by clicking "Sort by". Choosing "Date added" will allow you to see the most recent titles. 

RBDigital Sort Results Screenshot

RBdigital Audiobook Search Results Page Screenshot

Checking Out an Audiobook: 

You can check out an audiobook from the search page by clicking "Checkout" under the title. Click on the book cover if you want to learn more about the title and listen to a sample. If you like the sound of the audiobook, you can click the red checkout box.

RBdigital Audiobook Details Page Book Cover


If you know you do not have time to listen/read the book right now, you can add it to your wishlist! Click on "Wishlist" from the search results or from the title's summary page. 

Here's how to find your Wishlist: 
  1. Click on the the three lines in the top left corner. 
  2. Click on My Account. 
  3. Click on Wishlist. 
  4. Check out titles like normal. 

Listening to Your Audiobook: 

  1. Click Play. That's it! 
RBdigital Renew Return Play Screenshot
Here are some tips for listening to your audiobook:
RBdigital Audiobook Screenshot
  • RBdigital does not tell you how long the audiobook is while you listen, just how long the chapter you are listening to is. You can find that in a few places:
    • The top right corner of the screen. 
    • The right of the playback bar. 
    • On the chapter list. 
  • You can change the playback speed to faster or slower. Faster can help if your book is due soon and you're not done. 
  • See the chapter list to determine how far you are in your book or to quickly go back to another chapter. 
  • Bookmarks allow you to quickly navigate back to a section that really intrigued you. 
    • Maybe there is a list of characters at the front of the book and you want to refer back to that list while listening - add a bookmark! When you want to go back to that list you will click "Bookmarks" followed by "View bookmarks" and click on the right one. 
      • Make sure you add a bookmark for your current book location before clicking on a previous bookmark!
  • Use the sleep timer to automatically turn off the audiobook. 
  • Fast-forwarding and rewinding the audiobook: 
    • Click on the 30-second circular arrows to rewind or fast-forward 30 seconds. This can be really helpful if you got distracted while listening and missed something important! 
    • You can also rewind to the start of the chapter by clicking the rewind chapter icon. Click it twice if you want to go to the start of the previous chapter. 
    • Clicking the forward chapter icon will take you to the next chapter. 

Renewing Your Audiobook: 

RBdigital Renew Return Play Screenshot

Your audiobook is almost due, but you're not done with it - don't panic! If you want to renew your book and it is due within 3 days, you can click on Renew under the green Play button. RBdigital will tell you if it too soon to be renewed. 

Returning Your Audiobook:


RBdigital Renew Return Play Screenshot

It's always a good idea to return a book as soon as you've finished it. Click on the book cover and then on the Return button under the book cover image to return it early. If you do not return a book by the due date, it will automatically be deleted from your device. You will be able to check it out again.