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Apr 10

Technology Tonight! Resources for Adults

Posted on April 10, 2020 at 2:46 PM by Lindsey Kult

Welcome to Technology Tonight!
While Technology Tonight is geared more toward adults, the resources that will be shared in these posts can be engaging for all ages. Learn about the 2020 Census, Internet Archive, and more on this blog.

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Monday, March 30, 2020 - 2020 Census
Welcome to Technology Tonight!
While Technology Tonight is geared more toward adults, the resources that will be shared in these posts can be engaging for all ages. The first resource is: 2020 Census!
Yes, the census is still happening and it is still important for you to respond to it. Due to covoid-19, field operations of the census have been suspended and there are less people manning the call centers. Good news though - you can fill out your form online! (You can also mail in the completed form) Fill out the census here:
There is also an interactive map that shows the response rates of townships, cities, and states. It should come as no surprise that our community has one of the highest response rates in the state! Let's Feel the Zeel and make sure everyone in our community is counted ??

Tuesday, March 31 - Internet Archive

Technology Tonight is back! It won't be every night, but this one was too neat not to share right away!

Tonight's technology resource is Internet Archive (like their page for really cool history). This resource is free to everyone (no library card required) during the pandemic. You can explore the millions of videos, books, audio, and photos! There are video game run-throughs, old movies, television shows from today, and more. Don't be intimidated, just dive right in at and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7 - Share Your Story

There are multiple information organizations who want to hear your story of this pandemic. One is local:
Grand Rapids Public Library is collecting your Covid-19 stories. They created a Google form for people to fill out, but you can skip any questions you are uncomfortable answering. Tell your story here:

The other is a research survey from St. John's University. The survey does not ask for your name and cannot be tied back to you. It is concerned with how people are staying informed about Covid-19 during the quarantine. If you are interested in helping with this research click on this link:

Thursday, April 9 - Ask a Farmer Podcast

It looks like the Michigan is giving us a taste of second (or would it be fourth) winter ?? But for those of you who enjoy gardening Olean Public Library is hosting weekly podcasts with farmers! These farmers are answering questions from the library's Facebook page for the next two Sundays. Check out this link for more information:

Do you know of any farmers or excellent gardeners who would answer questions locally?

Friday, April 10 - AncestryLibrary Edition Available at Home

Technology Tonight is a great one for people who have always been curious about their family history!

The library already offered Ancestry Library, but normally you must be at the library to use it. But now you can use it from home! After April 30th the service revert back to in-library use only so take advantage of this while you can!

You will need a library card and PIN number to sign into this service. Click here to get started!