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Oct 04

Political Fiction Books for Election Day!

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 10:22 AM by Lindsey Kult

Today is Election Day! This campaign cycle has been so abnormal that some might think it is straight out of a book. Here are some political fiction books for those of you entertained by this presidential race:

First Boy by Gary D. Schmidt (2005)

"'You're my first boy, Cooper, my first boy,' grandfather says just before he dies. All alone in the world, without even a dog, the only thing that keeps Cooper going is running the dairy farm. Suddenly, black sedans are swarming all around Cooper's small New Hampshire town, driven by mysterious men in dark suits. Cooper's barn is burned to the ground, and his house is broken into and searched during the night. The President of the United States calls on Cooper for a visit, and her opponent wants Cooper to join him on the campaign trail. This fast-paced political thriller will have the reader turning the pages in anticipation of the next clue." (Description taken from Goodreads) This book is available at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

House of Cards by Michael Dobbs (1993)

This is original story of Netflix’s Frank Underwood (character is named Francis Urguhart in the book). It is set in Great Britain but it seems that the political machine is just as vicious across the pond. This book is available via Overdrive (ebook).

The Lucky Ones by Doris Mortman (1997)

As the presidential campaign heats up, four women--Zoe Vaughn, foreign policy advisor to a widowed Democratic candidate; Republican vice-presidential nominee Georgie Hughes; TV journalist Celia Porter; and Kate Siegel--become caught up in the intrigues and power plays of the election.” This book is available at the Howard Miller Public Library.  (Description taken from goodreads)

The Race by Richard North Patterson (2007)

A novel that asks the question: Can an honest man become president? This book is politically charged and addresses the most controversial political questions of the 2000s: racism, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, gay rights, and the rise of media monopolies. This book is available at the Howard Miller Public Library.

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld (2008)

First Lady Alice Blackwell disagrees with her husband, President Charlie Blackwell, in nearly every political move he makes. She never imagined herself connected to the privileged son of a country club family. Now she holds a position of power and influence during Charlie’s second term. But how will she cope with the contradictions she’s been living for years? This book is available at the Howard Miller Public Library.

Eighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace (2010)

This novel follows the first woman president of the United States and her cabinet as they navigate the threats against their nation and administration. Nicolle Wallace is the former communications director for the G.W. Bush administration. She uses her firsthand experiences to author this suspenseful and smart political drama. This book is available at the Howard Miller Public Library. 


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