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Nov 04

Series Saturday: Melanie Travis

Posted on November 4, 2016 at 4:07 PM by Lindsey Kult

MT Collage 1

This week's Series Saturday is going to the dogs! It is the Melanie Travis Mysteries by Laurien Berenson. Unfortunately, HMPL does not have all of these books so some will need to be placed on hold to receive from other libraries in cooperative. 



Location in Library: 


Meet the Character: 

Melanie Travis is a single mother raising her young son, Davey, on a teacher's salary. After the sudden death of her uncle, Melanie is pulled into the cutthroat world of showing dogs to determine whether or not it was a natural death. Pretty soon she is hooked on the surprisingly competitive sport and makes numerous friends - but even more enemies. With the help of her assertive Aunt Peg, Melanie uses her insider knowledge of dog people to solve murders. She is an interesting mixture of feminist and New England formality. 

Number in the Series:

There are currently 19 books in this series. The author is working on the next in the series right now! 
  1. A Pedigree to Die For
  2. Underdog
  3. Dog Eat Dog
  4. Hair of the Dog
  5. Watchdog
  6. Hush Puppy
  7. Unleashed
  8. Once Bitten
  9. Hot Dog
  10. Best in Show
  11. Jingle Bell Bark
  12. Raining Cats and Dogs
  13. Chow Down
  14. Hounded to Death
  15. Doggie Day Care Murder
  16. Gone with the Woof
  17. Death of a Dog Whisperer
  18. The Bark Before Christmas
  19. Live and Let Growl 
MT Collage 2

Final Word:

If you love dogs, you must give this series a read! Join Melanie, her bossy Aunt Peg, boyfriend Sam, and their friends as they use their knowledge of dogs and dog people to solve murders. This series is considered "cozy mystery" because the author is not graphically descriptive of the crimes, rarely uses curse words, and does not have sexual content. It is a very entertaining series for the dog lovers out there! 

MT Collage 3