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Nov 11

Series Saturday: Dirk Pitt

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 11:13 AM by Lindsey Kult

Dirk Pitt Collage
This week's Series Saturday is Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt adventure series. This series has been around for more than 40 years and has two dozen books in it! This being said, HMPL does not carry all of the books and some will need to be placed on hold to be loaned from other libraries.


Adventure, Thriller

Location in Library: 

Adult Fiction, AF CUSSLER

Meet the Character: 

Dirk Pitt is an adventurer with a love for flying and ocean dives. He is a Major in the United States Air Force and a collector of antique cars. His wit and confidence infuriates his opponents, but allows for entertaining dialogue for the reader. Despite his high rank, Pitt prefers being in the middle of the action rather than instructing others how to handle missions. This often results in him foiling the evil plans (often of the world domination variety) of villains similar to those in the James Bond series. He has a loyal sidekick in Al Giordino and often has a female companion. Pitt in the earliest books in this series lacks likeability and is portrayed as a rough, no-nonsense soldier. As the series continues he becomes more relatable and has better relationships with reoccurring characters.

Number in Series: 

There are currently 24 books in this series. A reminder that we do not carry all 24 books. The newest book is being released next week and will be available at HMPL!
  1. Pacific Vortex (Published as the sixth book, but actually is the origin of the series)
  2. The Mediterranean Caper
  3. Iceberg
  4. Raise the Titanic
  5. Vixen 03
  6. Night Probe
  7. Deep Six
  8. Cyclops
  9. Treasure
  10. Dragon
  11. Sahara
  12. Inca Gold
  13. Shock Wave
  14. Flood Tide
  15. Atlantis Found
  16. Valhalla Rising
  17. Trojan Odyssey
  18. Black Wind
  19. Treasure of Khan
  20. Arctic Drift
  21. Crescent Dawn
  22. Poseidon's Arrow
  23. Havana Storm
  24. Odessa Sea
Final Word:

These books are classic adventure tales. While they won't cause you to contemplate the meaning of friendship and love, they will entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Clive Cussler manages to trick the reader into believing the improbable, and you'll love it!