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Nov 18

Series Saturday: Lucy Stone's Holiday Mysteries

Posted on November 18, 2016 at 2:15 PM by Lindsey Kult

This week's Series Saturday is in preparation for the holiday season! The majority of the Lucy Stone series by Leslie Meier focus on holiday celebrations turkey This is another 20 book series, but this time we have all of the books! 


Mystery, Holiday

Location in Library: 

Mystery, MYS MEIER

Meet the Character:

Lucy Stone and her husband live in Tinker's Cove, Maine with their children. Lucy begins the series as a saleswoman working for catalog company. She and her friends have become more focused on family life and moved away from the "living off the land" hippie's lifestyle they moved to Tinker's Cove to obtain. Lucy is a solid representation of the American mother. She has to prepare her home for the holidays while making sure her children eat and finish their homework, she works nights, AND must make plans with her parents and in-laws. Somehow, in addition to these responsibilities Lucy also gets involved in sleuthing local crimes. 

Lucy Stone Collage

Number in Series:

There are currently 23 books in this series with a short story in an anthology. All of these books are available through the library and many are on OverDrive!

  1. Mistletoe Murder
  2. Tippy Toe Murder - only available on OverDrive or through loan from another library
  3. Trick or Treat Murder
  4. Back to School Murder
  5. Valentine Murder
  6. Christmas Cookie Murder
  7. Turkey Day Murder
  8. Wedding Day Murder
  9. Birthday Party Murder
  10. Father's Day Murder
  11. Star Spangled Murder
  12. New Year's Eve Murder
  13. Bake Sale Murder
  14. St. Patrick's Day Murder
  15. Mother's Day Murder
  16. Wicked Witch Murder
  17. English Tea Murder
  18. Chocolate Covered Murder
  19. Easter Bunny Murder
  20. Christmas Carol Murder
  21. French Pastry Murder
  22. Candy Corn Murder
  23. British Manor Murder
  • 23.5 Eggnog Murder
Final Word:

One of the best aspects of this series is how Lucy and her family actually age. Rather than having the main characters remain in their 30s over the span of 20 years (something that is very common in cozy mystery series), the population of Tinker's Cove ages between books. Unfortunately, it takes awhile for Meier's characters to become truly likable. One of Lucy's friends is not a kind person, and is always showing up the other women in the friend group - and Lucy doesn't seem to mind. Lucy often has moments where the reader wants to scream, "This is suspicious! Someone is trying to threaten you!" or "Maybe you should wonder who killed your cat, or why your college-aged daughter is stranded an hour away!" However, that might be part of the charm to this series. It is a first-person account of an average woman trying to balance the lives of her family while also trying to solve mysteries. Meier's use of the holidays also allows the reader to relate to Lucy. These are quick, cozy mysteries that are fun for taking a break from the holiday rush!