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Dec 09

Series Saturday: Mark of The Lion, by Francine Rivers

Posted on December 9, 2016 at 4:02 PM by Lindsey Kult

The Mark of the Lion
This week's Series Saturday is a Christian Fiction trilogy. It is Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion. This series is labelled Christian Fiction because the novels are heavy with religious themes and explore Biblical principles. 


Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

Location in Library: 

Christian Fiction, CF RIVERS

Meet the Characters:

These lengthy books are set in the first century, when slavery was acceptable and the Romans ruled the world. The first two books in the series tell the story of Hadassah and Marcus. Hadassah is a slave in Marcus's household and deeply devoted to God. No matter what hardships befall her, she never questions her faith. She finds herself falling in love with Marcus, but she never lets this relationship come before her praise of God. Then there is Julia, Marcus's sister, who is attempting to undermine and torment Hadassah at every turn. Hadassah's life is at risk because of her faith throughout the series. 
Atretes is a main character in the first book and the main character in third book. He is a German warrior forced to become a gladiator. His journey to find the son he thought had died brings him into contact with his own Christian love interest. 

Number in the Series: 

This is a trilogy. There are only 3 books in the series and the series ended prior to 2000.

1. A Voice in the Wind
2. An Echo in the Darkness
3. As Sure as the Dawn

Final Word: 

These books are very long! And the reviews are mixed. At least 80% of readers think that these books are some of the best ever written, but those who are less sure of their faith found the books to be slow paced and the plot too convenient. The Bible is quoted extensively. If you can get past the first few hundred pages these books are rewarding. They have quite a bit of violence, drama, and sex. One Goodreads Reviewer compared them to a religiously charged soap opera that is beautifully narrated.