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Dec 16

Series Saturday: Mystery with Recipes, by Isis Crawford

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 3:53 PM by Lindsey Kult

MR Collage
Just seven more days until Christmas Eve! So why not take a break from shopping, baking, and wrapping to read a cozy mystery? This week's Series Saturday is Mystery with Recipes by Isis Crawford. You can probably guess from the series name that the novels include recipes by the Egyptian author. 


Mystery, Fiction, Holiday (Many of these novels are holiday themed)

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Meet the Characters: 

The series follows the adventures of sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons. They are the owners of a bakery/deli and also cater on the side. They find themselves in the midst of MANY murders - probably too many for a pair of sisters running a bakery! The pair of sisters are very likable, even if their behavior can be over the top. On top of the fact that they keep getting involved in murder investigations, they also have common problems with dating, weight, and anxiety. They work well together precisely because they are opposites. Bernie is witty and has a sharp tongue, while Libby lives her life with no nonsense (probably difficult to do with Bernie as a sister!). Their relationship is laugh-out-loud humorous and gets even better with time! 

Number in the Series: 

There are currently 12 novels in this series and the latest book was published in August 2016. We have the complete series available in our series!

  1. A Catered Murder
  2. A Catered Wedding
  3. A Catered Christmas
  4. A Catered Valentine's Day
  5. A Catered Halloween
  6. A Catered Birthday Party
  7. A Catered Thanksgiving
  8. A Catered St. Patrick's Day
  9. A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange
  10. A Catered Fourth of July
  11. A Catered Mother's Day
  12. A Catered Tea Party
Final Word: 

These novels are the epitome of a cozy mystery. They follow the adventures of a pair of bickering sisters who are just trying to run their bakery/deli, but keep getting involved in murders instead. Many of the novels take place during a holiday, adding to the fun antics! Libby and Bernie are hilarious and often outspoken heroines. The books always end with recipes discussed in the plot, which is a nice bonus to reading a quick, goofy book! Unfortunately, Crawford has a tendency to introduce too many characters and Libby and Bernie's bickering can go on for too many pages. Despite these rough patches this series is a great way to distract yourself while keeping the spirit of the holidays!