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Dec 13

Last Series Saturday of 2016 - Winter Street

Posted on December 13, 2017 at 3:27 PM by Lindsey Kult

Winter Collage
This is the last regular Series Saturday of 2016. Next week's Series Saturday will be a recap of the wonderful series examined since this blog series began! We're revisiting a Series Saturday from a year ago! This week's series is Winter by Elin Hilderbrand - who has been labelled "the Queen of the Summer Novel." Ironically, the books in this series are all about winter and Christmas on Nantucket! It is a favorite of both Jessica (Mrs. V) and Lindsey. These books are all available on OverDrive in both ebooks and audiobooks so you can check them out even with the library closed!


Fiction, Holiday, Romance

Location in Howard Miller:


Meet the Characters: 

This trilogy spans three Christmases on the island of Nantucket and the Quinn family's story. Kelley Quinn is the father of Patrick, Kevin, and Ava by his ex-wife Margaret. He fathered Bart with his wife, Mitzi. He was married to Margaret for 19 years before their drive to excel in their respective careers drove them apart. Margaret went on to become one of the most famous newswoman in America, while Kelley married Mitzi and moved his children to Nantucket to run Mitzi's favorite inn.  Now, 21 years later, he has walked in on Mitzi with another man - Santa Claus (or the man who plays Santa at the inn). She informs Kelley that she's leaving him and he blames it on Bart's deployment to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Ava is trying to sort out her feelings for her "perfect" boyfriend and her best friend who has declared his love for her numerous times. Patrick and his wife are having their own problems because of his questionable business dealings. And Kevin - the classic middle child - is in love with Isabelle, the French assistant at the inn and must grow up to show her how much he cares. Even with all of this drama surrounding the inn, the family cannot help but notice that they have not heard from Bart since he arrived in Afghanistan and only Margaret knows why... 

Number in the series:

This is a trilogy and the last book was released in October. This was a trilogy, but now we have the fourth book! We currently have a copy of the third fourth book on the Express Bookshelf.
  1. Winter Street
  2. Winter Stroll
  3. Winter Storms
  4. Winter Solstice 
Final Word: 

This trilogy series of unknown length is delightful! It is perfect for holiday reading, or just winter reading in general. You quickly get drawn into each character's life and root for the happy ending - even if the character doesn't want the same happy ending you do. The Quinns have more than their fair share of dysfunction but are easy to love because it is so relatable. Each book ends with a cliff hanger that has you rushing to read the next! It's a great holiday read that reminds you that family is what Christmas is all about.