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Jan 07

Series Saturday: Fox and O'Hare Series

Posted on January 7, 2017 at 10:42 AM by Lindsey Kult

Fox Collage

Happy first Saturday of 2017! I know it has been an incredibly cold first week of the year, I hope you found a way to stay warm. If the freezing weather has you down, you could always try to stay warm with Janet Evanovich (and Lee Goldberg)'s Fox and O'Hare series! This series is a wonderful combination of the Ocean's 11/12/13 movies and her Stephanie Plum series but with fewer sexual situations. We have multiple copies of each book and they are available on OverDrive. 


Fiction, Mystery, Romance

Location in Howard Miller: 


Meet the Characters: 

Kate O'Hare is a no nonsense FBI Special Agent who has spent years obsessively tracking down one conman - Nick Fox. She does not hesitate to use physical force in a tense situation, whereas Nick Fox prefers to talk his way out of trouble. All of the skills she has acquired as a special forces agent are hidden by her physical appearance and love of chocolate. When Kate finally manages to arrest Nick, she is shocked to realize that other cases now bore her. So she jumps at the opportunity to catch him again after he escapes. Little does she know that it is a set up. Her superiors ask Kate and Nick to work together to take down some of other big criminals for the FBI by any means necessary - but makes it clear that if they are caught both will be arrested for any illegal acts committed. With Nick's con experience and Kate's law enforcement and military background they make an impressive team, but cannot do it all. That's where Nick's recruits come in: Willie is a "white trash bombshell" with a need to recklessly drive anything with a motor. Boyd is a method actor who takes his roles very seriously. Along the way more crew members are picked up to fit the needs of Kate and Nick. The crew is constantly protected by Jake O'Hare, Kate's ex-military father, and his ever present rocket launcher. 

Number in the Series: 

There are currently 5 books in this series and a couple short stories only available via OverDrive.
  1. The Heist
  2. The Chase
  3. The Job
  4. The Scam
  5. The Pursuit
Final Word: 

This is a fun series with Evanovich's usual extremes, for example - Kate and Jake's tendency to use rocket launchers. Lee Goldberg is present throughout the series and his style only adds to the quality of these books! He was a writer on the T.V. show Monk and has written all of the novelizations of the show. Kate's character is more serious than Stephanie Plum and I have a feeling that Goldberg encouraged this. These are not classic mysteries, but are much closer to the adventurous television shows/movies such as White Collar and Ocean's.