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Jan 13

Series Saturday: Trash 'n' Treasure Mystery

Posted on January 13, 2017 at 3:50 PM by Lindsey Kult

TNT Collage

This week's Series Saturday is a cozy mystery series by husband and wife duo Barbara Allan! Barbara Allan is not a real person, but the pen name is a mix of two accomplished authors, Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins. Max Allan has written movies and books that have received numerous awards. These books are rather goofy and won't be winning any literary awards any time soon, but they are wonderful to read on a quiet evening! 


Fiction, Mystery, Humor (In Lindsey's opinion)

Location in Howard Miller: 

Mystery, MYS ALLAN

Meet the Characters:

Brandy moves back in with her mother in small town Iowa after her marriage falls apart (admittedly, she had a big role in its destruction). While her husband received custody of their son, Jacob, Brandy takes her blind, diabetic shih-tzu, Sushi, with her for the move. Vivian Borne (Brandy's mother) is a mentally eccentric antiques collector and former actress. She is a hoot who prefers being the center of attention, no matter how many times the police ask her to stop calling accidental deaths murders. Since this is a cozy mystery series, she usually is right and joins Brandy in her amateur sleuthing. Meanwhile, Brandy's sister, Peggy Sue, tries to pretend that she is not related to either woman. Brandy is very concerned with her fashion, something that bothers numerous reviewers on Goodreads.

Number in the Series: 

There are currently 10 books in the series and numerous short stories. The 11th book is coming out this year! 

  1. Antiques Roadkill
  2. Antiques Maul
  3. Antiques Flee Market
  4. Antiques Bizarre
  5. Antiques Knock-Off
  6. Antiques Disposal
  7. Antiques Chop
  8. Antiques Con
  9. Antiques Swap
  10. Antiques Fate
  11. Antiques Frame

Final Word: 

This series is quite goofy! Do not expect deep characters, but be ready for silly antics. At the end of each chapter is a "tip" for collecting antiques, most of them just funny quips about Brandy's life. You do not have to be interested in antiques to enjoy this series, but it does show you how intense of a business/hobby antiquing is!