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Mar 10

Services Saturday: Michigan Activity Pass (MAP)

Posted on March 10, 2017 at 2:04 PM by Lindsey Kult

Did you know that by being a patron of Howard Miller Public Library you can receive FREE passes to hundreds of amazing attractions, state parks, and recreation sites through Michigan Activity Passes (MAP)?! These sites are all over the state too. So if you're going up north, or visiting friends/family on the eastern side of the state you can find fun things to do! 

It's really easy to find the MAP website from our homepage. About half way down the left hand-side menu is the link to MAP: 

Screenshot 1

After you click it, you're taken to MAP's website to begin the search for free passes! Rather than just seeing all of the locations available to you (again, there are hundreds!), the website has you fill out a form in order to narrow down the possibilities: 

Screenshot 2

After you click "Search" the website will bring up a map and list of destinations that fit your request! From this page you can look at the destination's website, get directions to the destination, and claim your passes: 

Screenshot 3

Requesting your pass is also super simple! You just need to choose which date you're interested in...

Screenshot 4

...and then fill out your name and card number! 

Screenshot 5

That is all you need to do to find exciting new (and FREE) Michigan destinations to explore! We hope you enjoy this service as much as we do :)