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Jul 03

UPDATED Series Saturday - Andy Carpenter!

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 5:31 PM by Lindsey Kult

Andy Carpenter Book Collage

This week's Series Saturday is an updated post! Still a favorite among many of the staff - it's David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series! This series is already popular and the 17th book is being released this week.  As entertaining as these books are for Rosenfelt fans, some readers might take offense to the strong language used in conversations between characters. Strong language is present in these books, however, it is used much less than other popular authors (for example, no where near as often as Patterson books). 


Fiction, Mystery

Location in Howard Miller: 


Meet the Characters: 

Andy Carpenter is difficult to describe. He's a likable defense attorney (apparently it is possible), who is extremely self-confident (except when it comes to physical prowess). He is both the laziest person and the hardest working person. When not on a case he is incredibly lazy, but once he has a client he will stop at nothing to defend them. One of the reasons you will love this series is because Andy is delightfully hilarious and clever. When you aren't laughing at his commentary, you're caught up in his investigative strategies. His self-deprecating humor will get you every time!
Andy has two special ladies in his life - Laurie Collins and Tara, World's Greatest Dog. Laurie is Andy's lead investigator and the love of his life. As a former police officer, she does not always see eye-to-eye with him at the beginning of cases. Laurie's big heart and strong instincts keep the team safe and connected.
She brought both Kevin and Marcus to the team. Kevin is Andy's hypochondriacal co-counsel. Marcus is a shorter version of Terry Crews without any of the good-humor. He is smart, silent, scary, and a bodyguard when necessary.
The last two regular team members are Sam and Willie. Willie is a former client of Andy's, who now runs their dog rescue - The Tara Foundation. Sam is Andy's accountant and computer guy. He could be called the team's computer hacker, but Andy is so inept with computers that Sam does a little of everything. There are many more wonderful characters in this series, but we've already gone on too long for this section!

Number in the Series: 

As stated before, this series is popular already. We rarely have half the books on the shelf. Click on this link to place any of the books on hold. Many are also available on OverDrive. 
  1. Open and Shut
  2. First Degree
  3. Bury the Lead
  4. Sudden Death
  5. Dead Center
  6. Play Dead
  7. New Tricks
  8. Dog Tags
  9. One Dog Night
  10. Leader of the Pack
  11. Unleashed
  12. Hounded
  13. Who Let the Dog Out
  14. Outfoxed
  15. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
  16. Collared
  17. Rescued - Coming July 17, 2018
Final Word: 

This series is the perfect mix of humor, suspense, and mystery! As you probably noticed, many of the book covers have dogs on them. These books are enjoyable for anyone, not just dog lovers! (Cute dogs sell books - David Rosenfelt has caught onto this trend) One of the reasons you will love this series is because Andy is delightfully hilarious and clever. When you aren't laughing at his commentary, you're caught up in his investigations. As added bonus, audiobook listeners will love the narrator for the series! Grover Gardner captures Andy's personality perfectly. Lindsey compares his dry wit to Hawkeye from M.A.S.H. These books are excellent mysteries that you won't want to put down!