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Aug 04

Series Saturday - Hannah Swensen Mysteries

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 4:59 PM by Lindsey Kult

HS Collage
This week's Series Saturday is another staff favorite - Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen mysteries. In addition to being clean reads (no swearing, little to no violence, and no sexual situations), these books also provide easy and delicious recipes! Lindsey uses them often and brings the resulting cookies in for the rest of the library staff. It's a fun, light series that makes you chuckle and just feel good while you read.


Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction

Location in Howard Miller:

Mystery, MYS FLUKE

Meet the Characters: 

Hannah Swensen is a talented baker in Lake Eden - a small town in Minnesota. She is a smart, independent, sometimes blunt woman who does not go into shock when presented with danger. A good thing too, since she is apparently prone to finding dead bodies! Unlike many amateur sleuths, Hannah is not annoyingly pushy when she tries to investigate murders. Rather, she uses her ability to be invisible as she hands out cookies around town to gather gossip and ask seemingly innocent questions. She also has a strong team of detecting assistants:
Andrea - Hannah's sister and wife to one of Lake Eden's detectives. Andrea's skills as a real estate agent come in handy when Hannah needs to ask delicate questions. 
Lisa - Hannah's business partner. Not only does she take over the responsibilities of the bakery when Hannah investigates a murder, but she also collects gossip for Hannah from the customers. 
Sally - Similar to Lisa, but she owns the hotel/restaurant. 
Dolores/Mother - Hannah's overbearing mother. Their relationship makes you cringe, but also laugh. Dolores is a gossip and calls Hannah to nag her about everything! Often this nagging helps Hannah learn important pieces of information. 
Bill - Hannah's brother-in-law police detective, who often welcomes Hannah's help in investigations.
Hannah also has to juggle her two male relationships: 
Mike - The other detective in Lake Eden. He and Hannah butt heads over her involvement in murder cases, but he knows that he can't stop her when she decides to start asking questions. Their relationship tends to be more exciting and passionate than...
Norman - The local dentist. Hannah and Norman were originally set up by their mothers. They were dismayed to discover that they actually have chemistry and have continued seeing each other. Hannah dates both men socially, does not sleep with either. 
Through her successful business we're able to meet the members of this quaint community. 

Final Word: 

This is a fun mystery series with good characters! From the title of the books to the quirky characters these books are the perfect example of cozy mysteries. Hannah is likable and many women will be able to relate to her. Her friends are a joy and she's smart enough to (mostly) stay out of trouble. You'll love being an fly on the wall in Lake Eden!