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Aug 16

Last Month of Summer - Don't Let Go!

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 10:25 AM by Lindsey Kult

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It’s hard to believe that we have just over one month of summer left in 2017! Where has the time gone?! For those of you who want to keep feeling the warmth of summer even as the days get cooler we have some authors to recommend. These are authors who typically set their books in warm places. This list is nowhere near comprehensive! There are lots of authors who take advantage of warm climates for their plots, but we just wanted to start you off a list! Each author’s name is a link to their books on our catalog so you can place any that interest you on hold. Also included in the list is the author’s genre and where their books often take place. We carry many of these authors on OverDrive and have created a collection of their ebooks and audiobooks for your pleasure – click here!

Stay warm!