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Nov 10

Series Saturday - Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich!

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 2:17 PM by Lindsey Kult

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Series Saturday is making a comeback with one of the most popular series in the mystery genre! Since "Hot Six," each of these books have been on the New York Times Bestsellers List - many of them reaching #1 immediately! These books do use explicit language and have sexual situations. We have multiple copies of each book and they're all available on OverDrive. "Hardcore Twenty-Four" came out on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, so be sure to catch up on the series!


Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Humor, Women's Fiction

Location in Howard Miller: 


Meet the Characters: 

After being fired from her job as an underwear shopper and having her car repossessed, Stephanie Plum is desperate to find something that will pay the rent (i.e. keep her from moving back home to the Burg). The solution is not an obvious one: Blackmail her cousin Vinny so he lets her become one of his bounty hunters. Stephanie has no experience with law enforcement, guns, or investigating, but she does have attitude, luck, and the desire to keep her apartment! Basically, Stephanie is a great example of how not to be a bounty hunter. Luckily for her, she has a team of equally outrageous people who help her make recoveries (bringing in a person who failed to show for court): 
Joe Morelli was a lot of Stephanie's firsts. He was her first sexual encounter, her first recovery assignment as a bounty hunter, and is her first call when she needs police backup. Stephanie and Morelli have a complicated relationship. They both hate the other's job, have joint custody over Bob, the Golden Retriever/eating machine, and are in love. But Stephanie's love for Morelli has competition - her lust for Ranger...
Ranger is a Cuban American, former special forces, bounty hunter extraordinaire who sets Stephanie's (well... all women's) insides on fire! He often saves Stephanie's behind on a recovery and acts as her personal bodyguard. Sometimes guarding said body very closely. No ones much about Ranger. He has a group of macho men who occasionally tail Stephanie so Ranger can keep track of her. Any time Stephanie needs something not-exactly-legal done, she knows she can call Ranger.
Lula is Stephanie's hilarious right hand lady! She's a large black woman who used to work the streets until she was almost beaten to death because she was helping Stephanie. Now Lula also works for Vinny, but as a receptionist/filer - she's not exactly talented as either, but no one is brave enough to tell her so! Lula never felt the need to change her look, so she still rocks the neon colored spandex and big hair. Lula likes to go with Stephanie to make her captures, and is about as talented as Stephanie at recovery!
Connie is Vinny's receptionist who knows everything that happens in Trenton. She fits the stereotype for a Jersey knockout, and she's not afraid to knock you out for not respecting her! 
Grandma Mazur is Stephanie's loud, crazy, and fearless grandmother. She lives with Stephanie's parents and enjoys visiting the funeral homes, annoying Stephanie's mother, and going with Stephanie on recoveries. She's a menace, but one of the best! 

Number in the Series: 

There are currently 24 main books in the series and 4 "between the numbers" books. The between the numbers tend to be holiday themed and feature Diesel - from Evanovich's Lizzy & Diesel series! 
  1. One for the Money
  2. Two for the Dough
  3. Three to Get Deadly
  4. Four to Score
  5. High Five
  6. Hot Six
  7. Seven Up
  8. Hard Eight
    8.5 Visions of Sugar Plums
  9. To the Nines
  10. Ten Big Ones
  11. Eleven on Top
  12. Twelve Sharp
    12.5 Plum Lovin'
  13. Lean Mean Thirteen
    13.5 Plum Lucky
  14. Fearless Fourteen
    14.5 Plum Spooky
  15. Finger Lickin' Fifteen
  16. Sizzling Sixteen
  17. Smokin' Seventeen
  18. Explosive Eighteen
  19. Notorious Nineteen
  20. Takedown Twenty
  21. Top Secret Twenty-One
  22. Tricky Twenty-Two
  23. Turbo Twenty-Three
  24. Hardcore Twenty-Four
Final Word: 

This series is hugely popular - but not for everyone. If you object to R-rated romantic comedies, this isn't the series for you. Despite this, it is a goofy mystery series that will have you laughing out loud as you read. After the first few books, you'll want to read on not just to know what Stephanie's gotten herself into - but what Lula and Grandma Mazur have done to make it worse!