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Jan 26

Series Saturday - Stephen King's Dark Tower Series

Posted on January 26, 2018 at 2:56 PM by Lindsey Kult

Dark Tower Series

This week's Series Saturday is Stephen King's Dark Tower series! This series was turned into a movie (that received very low ratings - but don't let that deter you from reading the books!). Lindsey's friend David has helped her write this Series Saturday because he can't get enough of these books! Susan also has a friend who rereads this series every year. If you are a fan of Stephen King, you need to read this series! It falls into many genre categories, but can be described in one word - EPIC. 


Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery

Location in Howard Miller:

Adult Fiction, AF KING


The Calla 
New York

Meet the Characters: 

Roland Deschain of Gilead, the Gunslinger: Roland is our main protagonist with a quest to find and conquer the Dark Tower. At the beginning of the series, Roland is the last gunslinger - a title similar to knight - descending from the bloodline of Arthur Eld. He is tasked with protecting the White. He is a man who readers (and fellow book characters) will both love and hate. He serves as Dinh (leader) of his Ka-Tet (a general term for a group) of gunslingers. Described as a pragmatic romantic, what he lacks in creativity he makes up for with experience and training. He is willing to pay any price to reach his Tower, but the question remains: will his lightning fast hands and iron-clad will be enough?

Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker: New York: Susannah is a gunslinger in Roland's circle who suffers from multiple personality disorder, warring between the polite and dignified Odetta Holmes and the troublesome, vulgar Detta Walker. Born Odetta Holmes initially, her personalities emerged after a tragic life event. After her strongest personality is formed, she goes by the name Susannah Dean and is married to Eddie Dean of New York.

Eddie Dean of New York: A previous heroin addict, Eddie Dean is the husband of Susannah Dean and is also a member of Roland's Ka-Tet. He is full of wise cracks and humor even in the darkest of times. Of all the characters in the series, Eddie Dean may undergo the most radical transformation, and will play a large role in the quest for the tower.

Jake Chambers of New York: Roland's quasi "adopted" son, Jake is a hard working, quick-witted, and highly intelligent eleven year-old boy. He went to school at the prestigious piper academy before being sucked into Roland's world of magic and gunfire. He is a fast draw, with all the speed and inexperience that comes with youth. While fresh to the way of the gun, he is strong in "The Touch" - which a dedicated Stephen King reader may recognize as "The Shining." 

Oy of Mid-World: A billy bumbler from Mid-World. Billy bumblers are animals that look like a mix between a dog and a raccoon with a limited ability to copy the human voice. Oy serves as Jake's closest companion, a protector, a watch dog, and a defender of Roland's Ka-Tet.

Father Callahan: Directly out of the book Salem's Lot, Father Callahan is a retired Catholic priest who went up against vampires in a town in Maine named Jerusalem's Lot. There is no good way to reveal more about Father Callahan's role in this series without revealing key points of the plot. Suffice to say he is a member of Roland's Ka-Tet, and plays a large role in his quest for the Tower. 

The Man in Black: Known as Randall Flagg, Walter Padick, Walter Hodji, Walter O'Dim, Marten Broadcloak, The Walking Dude, the Covenant Man, and many other aliases. The Man in Black serves as an emissary for the Crimson King, although he often has his own agenda. He is near immortal and gets into mischief in many different wheres and whens. He has been as antagonist in many of King's different novels. A user of Magic, it is not always clear the extent of his powers, but what is known is that he is devious, brilliant and relentlessly cruel in his mission to prevent Roland from reaching his ultimate goal.

The Crimson King: The ultimate antagonist of the Gunslinger, the Crimson King is the antithesis of everything for which Roland and the gunslingers of Eld stand. If the gunslingers stand for the White, surely the Crimson King controls the power of the Red. A being of pure Evil, a demon who came forth from the magical soup known as the Prim, the Crimson King has been driven mad over time - making him even more dangerous and unpredictable. 

Number in the Series: 

There are 8 books in this series, but this series draws on almost all of the books that Stephen King has written. The additional books that are referenced in this series are listed under the series list below. 

  1. The Gunslinger
  2. The Drawing of the Three
  3. The Waste Lands
  4. Wizard and Glass
  5. Wolves of the Calla
  6. Song of Susannah
  7. The Dark Tower
  8. The Wind Through the Keyhole
Additional Books to Read: 
Final Word: 
"Childe Rolande to the dark tower came." -Robert Browning
This series is Stephen King's self declared Magnum Opus. The books were written over the course of decades. The Dark Tower incorporates and ties together nearly every other story Stephen King has ever written. This series has something for everyone - adventure, love, impossible scenarios, showdowns, time travel, character development, mystery and the trademark Stephen King attention to detail. If you seek these things and more cast your eyes upon the Mohaine Desert, because it is here that our story begins. The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.