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Mar 23

Series Saturday - Alaskan Courage

Posted on March 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM by Lindsey Kult

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This week’s Series Saturday is one of Leann’s favorites - Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series! This series is Christian Romantic Suspense and is comparable to Lynette Eason, Dee Henderson, and Irene Hannon. That’s pretty impressive for a first time author!


Christian Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Mystery

Location in Howard Miller:

Christian Fiction, CF Pettrey


Yancey, Alaska

Pettrey provides such detailed descriptions of this small town that it becomes a character in the series.

Meet the Characters:

This series centers around the McKenna family. This family has a habit of getting into dangerous situations. Often they find murder victims or get into life or death situations.

Cole McKenna is a search-and-rescue diver who also uses his skills to run an adventure tourist post in town. He has a strong relationship with God and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He can handle just about anything - except the return of Bailey Craig.

Bailey Craig was Cole’s sweetheart 12 years ago until she spiraled out of control and broke his heart. Now she has to return to Yancey and Cole and is not excited about it. She believes in God, but does not believe she deserves forgiveness for her past.

Piper McKenna is Cole’s sister and is as spunky as get out! Well… it’s a toss-up between spunky and being a thrill junky. She has no problem putting herself in harm’s way! Something that drives Landon Grainger crazy...

Landon Grainger is Cole’s best friend and a key member of Yancey law enforcement. Landon was “adopted” by the McKenna family; making his undying love for Piper a struggle. He is a strong, protective, and honest man who is very loyal to those he loves.

Reef McKenna is the “prodigal” brother. He hasn’t seen his siblings in years because of his career in Winter sports. Can’t say more without spoilers!

Gage McKenna works for the family adventure tourist post as the guide for cruise passengers. Gage is much less trusting than Cole and Piper. He tends to immediately judge people and has to learn to trust God. He is masculine, but Pettrey shows how wounded and vulnerable he truly is.

Darcy St. James used to be an investigative reporter, but she’s realizing that it’s hard to quit a life of thrilling stories. She’s a very strong willed and independent woman who loves God.

Kayden McKenna hasn’t been the same since her mom passed away. She’s still tough and can handle a lot, but she’s nervous to fall in love again. She’s not as outgoing as Piper and Cole, but she is still passionate and protective of her siblings.

Justin Westin works with Landon. He is protective over Kayden and prays for her often.

Number in the Series:

Leann says that this series should absolutely be read in order. While each book focuses on a new pair of characters, the previous storyline/plot is often resolved or referenced. We have all of these books available at the library and all of them on OverDrive.

0.5 Shadowed - Only available on OverDrive

  1. Submerged

  2. Shattered

  3. Stranded

  4. Silenced

  5. Sabotaged

Final Word: This series has a lot to love: suspense, adventure, mystery, romance, family values, and God's love. It definitely is not just a clean read - faith in God and Christianity plays a major role in this series. The family dynamic is wonderful and Pettrey has created a realistic group of characters that you can't help but love.