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Jun 15

Series Saturday: Darkness Rising

Posted on June 15, 2018 at 4:17 PM by Lindsey Kult

Darkness Rising Collage The Gathering, Calling, Rising

Series Saturday is back with a young adult science fiction series! Kelley Armstrong writes science fiction about supernatural humans living among the rest of us. Her main series is “Women of the Otherworld” and is an adult science fiction series. Armstrong writes strong female characters who can take care of themselves - but they tend to attract strong men who help them, but never have to save them. This series is similar, but without the adult romance and language. It takes place after the conclusion of Women of the Otherworld and references some characters from that series, but it’s not vital that you know the names.


Young Adult, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Romance

Location in Howard Miller:



Salmon Creek, a town on Vancouver Island in Canada

Meet the Characters:

Maya is a 16 year-old Native American who was adopted as a baby by the Delaneys. Her parents moved out to Vancouver Island so her father could take the parker ranger position there. She’s always been athletic and has a special connection to animals, but all the children of Salmon Creek have some kind of special talent.

Maya’s best friend, Serena, was the captain of Salmon Creek High’s swim team and was born for the water. Unfortunately, Serena passed away in a freak accident while swimming with Maya in the lake by Salmon Creek. Maya still blames herself at the beginning of the series.

Daniel was Serena’s boyfriend and is the natural leader of the group of high schoolers in town. He’s the wrestling champion on the island and tends to be protective of Maya. Daniel is still Maya’s best friend, but is constantly being remembered as Serena’s grieving boyfriend. His mother ran away from his abusive father when he was younger and his brothers left for college. Now Daniel must try to keep his dad safe while surviving the abuse himself.

Rafael or “Rafe” is new to the island. He and his sister Annie are also Native Americans and have been on their own since their mother died. Annie is only twenty and has some mental health problems that put a lot of pressure on Rafe. He’ll do anything to protect Annie. Rafe is immediately drawn to Maya and his mysterious background leads to her falling for him as well.

Nicole is the daughter of Salmon Creek’s mayor. She’s small in stature, and introverted. She wants to be a part of the group, but is so shy that she really is only friends with Maya and Daniel. She was close with Serena, but after Serena’s death Nicole is forced into a deeper friendship with Maya.

Sam lives with Nicole after her parents died in a car crash. She’s an outsider to the community and is fine with that. She gives off a bad-girl vibe and doesn’t want any friends besides for Daniel. People can’t quite believe that she’s actually related to Nicole, but the mayor insists that Sam is Nicole’s second cousin.

Corey is Daniel’s best male friend. He’s also a wrestler, but suffers from devastating headaches. His father is the chef of police, so between Nicole, Maya and Corey the little group has some powerful parents.

Hayley is the only person who really doesn’t want to be in a small town. While everyone else is fine with just having each other, she wants to move past Salmon Creek. No one really likes her because of her behavior when they were children. Now she openly despises Maya, making her even less likeable to the rest of the group.

Number in the Series:

This series takes place after Women of the Otherworld and along the same timeline as Darkest Powers. You definitely want to read these books in order!

  1. The Gathering

  2. The Calling

  3. The Rising

Final Word:

This young adult series is an exciting read for fans of supernatural stories! The characters in this series are not your usual supernaturals - vampires, witches, or werewolves. Instead, they’re taken from ancient myths and folklore. This series is full of adventure with enough betrayals and plot twists to keep you guessing! If you like the first two* Darkness Rising books you’ll want to try Kelley Armstrong’s other series too!

*The conclusion of Darkness Rising ties in Darkest Powers’ plot, so you might want to read Darkest Powers before finishing this series.