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Dec 14

Series Saturday - Santa Paws

Posted on December 14, 2018 at 2:33 PM by Lindsey Kult

Santa Paws Series Collage

This Series Saturday is about a series that we recommended on Facebook last week! It’s the Santa Paws series by Nicholas and Kris Edwards. Nicholas Edwards is the pen name for Ellen Emerson White. She is best known for her young adult books. I think her background in young adult writing allowed her to avoid the cheesy dialogue and descriptions that can plague junior fiction books. Goodreads reviewers (myself included) believe that this series does not have to be just for elementary students! The stories are well-written and enjoyable to adults without children as well as families reading together. While they all take place around Christmas, only the first one seems to be about finding the meaning of Christmas.


Junior Fiction, Holiday, Adventure, Animal

Location in Howard Miller: 

Junior Fiction, JF EDWARDS


A coastal town in Massachusetts called Oceanport.

Meet the Characters: 

Obviously the main character of the story is Santa Paws (also named Nicholas). He’s a stray puppy whose mother and siblings were caught by Animal Control and adopted to loving families. Sadly, Santa Paws doesn’t realize this and is a scared street dog for the first book. He has a knack for finding people who need help. He is eventually “caught” by the Callahan family, but the whole town views him as a mascot.

Gregory Callahan is the youngest Callahan. He’s in Middle School at the beginning of the series. Gregory is Santa Paws’ main human since he was the one who wanted to help Santa Paws the most. He likes sports and loves his family - especially his older sister Patty, even if they do fight occasionally.

Patty Callahan is Gregory’s older sister. She’s in the Junior High School at the start of the series and is mainly concerned about whether something is cool or uncool. She’s also very smart and hopes to become a police officer when she grows up.

Mrs. Callahan is Gregory and Patty’s mom. She’s a high school science teacher. She loves her family very much and usually struggles to keep Patty in warm clothes - being warm is not fashionable so is very uncool.

Mr. Callahan is an eccentric author. He loves to listen to Frank Sinatra and dress up in costumes while writing. He also loves his family, but is easily distracted while writing.

Uncle Steve is Gregory and Patty’s uncle. He’s a war veteran and a police officer in town. He is very serious on the job, but goofy when around his family. He and his wife had a baby around the time the Callahans brought Santa Paws home.

There are dozens of townspeople who are grateful to Santa Paws and the Callahans, but most of them are not reoccurring characters.

Number in the Series: 

There are 6 books written by Nicholas Edwards and at least 1 by Kris Edwards. It appears that Kris Edwards wrote more Santa Paws books, but for some reason they are not considered part of the series. We don’t carry all of the Santa Paws books, so use this link to put a hold on the books you want. It is definitely best to read the first book before any of the others.
  1. Santa Paws
  2. Return of Santa Paws
  3. Santa Paws, Come Home
  4. Santa Paws to the Rescue 
  5. Santa Paws, Our Hero
  6. Santa Paws and the New Puppy
  7. Santa Paws Saves the Day
Final Word: 

This series is older; the books were written in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. The writing is so strong that it might not seem like the books are 23 years old. So your children might not understand why the Callahans or other townspeople don’t just use their cell phones to call for help or take pictures!  Not all of the characters are likable, but none are pure evil. Instead, Edwards writes about very sad events (homelessness and widows for example) through a dog’s eyes. The innocence of Santa Paws provides parents with an opportunity to have a conversation with their little ones about sad parts of life. Like many books in a series, they do get progressively longer but the longest is 205 pages. It’s a wonderful series for animal lovers of all ages and a great way to prepare for Christmas!