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Jan 18

Series Saturday Tea Shop Mysteries

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 4:28 PM by Lindsey Kult

Tea Shop Mysteries 20 book collage Square

This week's Series Saturday is Laura Child's Tea Shop Mysteries!  This is a fun cozy mystery series that is perfect for a cold month like January! Even better, January is hot tea month. I would like to credit The Cozy Mystery List Blog for writing a great blog post about this series. You can read it in full here. Thank you Danna for your work!


Mystery, Cozy Mystery

Location in Howard Miller: 



This series takes place in Charleston, South Carolina

Meet the Characters: 

Theodosia Browning (Theo) is the proud owner/manager of Charleston's Indigo Tea Shop. It's a far cry from her previous profession as an advertising executive. She's very intelligent and street smart. You'll love her rescue dog, Earl Grey!

Drayton is Theo's employee and star tea taster. He is the genius behind Indigo Tea's tea blends. Drayton is the acting manager when Theo is off sleuthing and her "in" to Charleston society.

Haley is the shop's clerk and baker. She provides some wonderful comic relief! Her delicious recipes are in the back of the books. Between her and Drayton, Theo wouldn't be able keep the shop running and solve mystery. 

Delaine Dish is the town gossip and is an excellent source of information. She is the fashionista of the town and can get annoying. 

Jory Davis is the love interest of Theo. He's a lawyer who is torn between his devotion to Theo and to his job. 

Historic Charleston plays such a large role in these mysteries that we decided to add it as a character! Laura Childs is huge on descriptions. 

Number in the Series: 

There are currently 19 books in the series, but the 20th comes out in March! Click here to put a hold on her books.  

  1. Death by Darjeeling
  2. Gunpowder Green
  3. Shades of Earl Grey
  4. English Breakfast Murder
  5. The Jasmine Moon Murder
  6. Chamomile Mourning
  7. Blood Orange Brewing
  8. Dragonwell Dead
  9. The Silver Needle Murder
  10. Oolong Dead
  11. The Teaberry Strangler
  12. Scones & Bones
  13. Agony of the Leaves
  14. Sweet Tea Revenge
  15. Steeped in Evil
  16. Ming Tea Murder
  17. Devonshire Scream
  18. Pekoe Most Poison
  19. Plum Tea Crazy
  20. Broken Bone China
Final Word: 

While these books are quintessentially cozy mystery, down to the recipes listed in the back, Theo is not the cookie cutter cozy heroine. For one, she isn't afraid of technology (an odd stereotype for cozies, but noticeable). She also knows when to back off a case and only decides to investigate to protect her business or friends - at least in the first few books. Like all cozy mysteries, you have to wonder when her friends will realize that most people don't find a dead body once a year!