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Apr 05

Series Saturday - Artemis Fowl

Posted on April 5, 2019 at 3:16 PM by Lindsey Kult

Artemis Fowl Series Collage with Movie Poster in the Center

It's time for a Series Saturday!  This week we are talking about a tween science fiction series - Artemis Fowl.  A movie based on the first two books is being released in August 2019, so it is the perfect time to start the series! Artemis Fowl is an anti-hero is the early books.  He is the product of a failing crime family and uses his genius for selfish motivations.  This changes as the books progress, but the charm and wit of Artemis remains.  All of the books are at the library and for download through Libby/OverDrive.  The Spanish and graphic novel editions are also available on Libby/OverDrive. 


Tween, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction

Location in Howard Miller: 



Alternate Earth with an Underworld full of mythical races (dwarves, leprechauns, fairies, etc.).  Colfer is an Irish author and much of the book takes place in Dublin or other areas of Ireland. 

Meet the Characters:

Artemis Fowl II is the 12 year-old evil genius descendant of a long line of criminals.  He is a socially awkward boy who dropped out of boarding school to take over the family business. 
Artemis Fowl I is Artemis II's father and former head of the Fowl criminal family.  The Russian Mafia kidnap him and is he presumed dead. 
Angeline Fowl is Artemis II's mother and wife of Artemis I.  After her husband's kidnapping she goes into a state of depression and insanity. 
Butler is the Fowls' manservant and Artemis II's best friend and bodyguard.  He is highly skilled as a martial artist and has many contacts in the criminal world.
Juliet Butler is Butler's younger sister and friend of Artemis II.  She is charming yet clueless.  She is as powerful and dangerous as her brother. 
Holly Short is an elf and the only female captain of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police recon).  She is kidnapped by Artemis II and held for a high ransom.  Her personality is loud and sarcastic. 
Foaly is a super intelligent centaur who works for the LEP.  He is as sarcastic as he is paranoid - he wears a tinfoil hat to keep human intelligence agencies from reading his mind!  His inventions help both Artemis II and Holly Short with their missions. 
Opal Koboi is a deranged, paranoid genius pixie who wants to take over the world and destroy LEP in the process.  She is as smart as Artemis II and quickly becomes his arch-nemesis. 
Mulch Diggums is a former mining dwarf, but decided stealing from "Mud Men" (humans) is a better gig.  He lacks the magic of fairies, but can speak numerous languages.
Julius Root is a commander of the LEP.  He is in charge of keeping fairies from contacting humans.  His personality is stiff and no-nonsense.
Briar Cudgeon is a deranged elf who works with Opal Koboi to attack Julius Root. 

Number in the Series: 

There are eight books in the series and we own all of them!  We also have them on hoopla (ebooks and graphic novels) and Libby/OverDrive (ebooks, graphic novels, Spanish ebooks, and audiobooks). 
  1. Artemis Fowl
  2. The Arctic Incident
  3. The Eternity Code
  4. The Opal Deception
  5. The Lost Colony
  6. The Time Paradox
  7. The Atlantis Complex
  8. The Last Guardian
Final Word: 

These books are funny, action-packed, and suspenseful for upper elementary students all the way through adults!  Underlying themes throughout the series includes greed, trust, good vs. evil, and doing the right thing because it is right or doing the wrong thing for personal gain.