How can I borrow from different libraries on Libby?

Yes! Lakeland Digital Library (Lakeland Library Cooperative), Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS), Suburban Library Cooperative, Great Lakes Digital Libraries (GLDL), Download Destination and White Pine Library Cooperative are partnered to share certain digital resources. This means that all patrons will have additional digital resources available to them. 

Here's how to sign up with the other libraries:

1. Click on the menu icon at the center of the bottom menu: 

Libby Menu Updated Photo

2.  Click "Add A Library". 

3.  Search for Midwest Collaborative, Suburban Library, Great Lakes Digital Libraries, Download Destination or White Pine Library Cooperative.  

4.  Choose "Sign In With My Card" then scroll to Lakeland Digital Library (under Partner Libraries).

Guest menu options on Libby homepageScreenshot Finding Lakeland in Partner Libraries Menu on Libby

5.  Use your library card to sign in and then repeat the process with the other partnering libraries!

To Switch Between Libraries:

There are a few ways to switch between libraries:

1.  Click on the Libby icon at the center of the menu. 

2.  Click on the library you want to explore.


1.  Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. 

2.  Click on the library name and pick a library to search: Changing Libraries via Search on Libby

You can also borrow from other libraries right from the title information!  

1.  Click on the "plus box".

2.  If another library has a copy ready to check out you can click on the box to borrow it immediately! 

Checking Availability on Libby Screenshot

Updated:  October 7, 2022

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