Why are we doing the project?

First, as described this is not strictly a snowmelt project.  While snowmelt is a component of the Main Avenue Project, it is a portion of a much larger project.  Our current sidewalks, planters, light poles, and driving surfaces are roughly 20 years old, and while they are well maintained, most of them are reaching the end of their useful lives.  The road surface needs to be replaced, trip hazards throughout the district continue to emerge, and other aspects are just getting tired.  


In addition to the need to update some of the facilities, we are experiencing unprecedented growth in our downtown district, especially east of our traditional downtown.  This growth has led us to evaluate what our greater downtown district looks like and what it would look like to create four blocks of downtown with a consistent feel and theme. This project will assist in accomplishing this theme.  


Finally, we have decided to add snowmelt to the project after numerous years of thoughtful decision making. Snowmelt will be a complimentary feature to attract and retain current and future development.   

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1. What is the Main Avenue Project?
2. Why are we doing the project?
3. What are the Priorities of the project?
4. What will the project cost?
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6. Where is the funding coming from?
7. Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?
8. What will access look like to the downtown district throughout the project?
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