Where is the funding coming from?

Generally speaking, the funds for this project have come in the form of unbudgeted Personal Property Tax Reimbursement payments from the State of Michigan.  Since 2018, the City has received more than $6.5 Million from this unbudgeted revenue source.  The remaining funds have come from either an unbudgeted surplus in the General Fund or in the case of Fiscal Year 2024 a budgeted transfer from the General Fund.

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1. What is the Main Avenue Project?
2. Why are we doing the project?
3. What are the Priorities of the project?
4. What will the project cost?
5. What is the project's timeline?
6. Where is the funding coming from?
7. Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?
8. What will access look like to the downtown district throughout the project?
9. What will access to individual properties look like throughout the project?
10. How do I ask specific questions regarding the project?