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1. What is OverDrive?
2. What type of material can I download from OverDrive?
3. Do I need a library card to download eBook and audiobooks?
4. Why can't I find the titles I am looking for?
5. When I open my OverDrive App, it opens automatically to the book I was previously reading. How do I choose another book I have on my bookshelf?
6. I finished the book earlier than two weeks on my non-kindle device. Can I return it?
7. Will I get late fees?
8. How do I renew a book?
9. I've borrowed as book and I can't find it. Where did it go?
10. When I opened a book in my bookshelf, it started talking to me! What happened?
11. When I tap Lakeland Library Cooperative, I get "Not Connected to the Internet." What does this mean?
12. I can't read the print! How do I make the font bigger, or add columns?
13. How do I skip to another chapter?
14. I've downloaded the file, but it keeps downloading. How do I fix this?
15. My eBook/ audio book is missing pages or skipping tracks. What do I do?
16. I only read a certain genre of books. How do I search for only my genre?